Brandi Keeler


As a researcher and designer, Brandi listens, learns, ideates, and designs to support the ways public institutions serve marginalized folx facing unemployment.

She joins the team with 15+ years of experience in the design industry, working with for profits, non-profits, and independently—and describes her career path as a “quest to help do-gooders do more good.” She served as a Challenge Detroit Fellow in 2013 working with the United Way for Southeastern Michigan, before building her successful design consultancy and coaching business called Expånd.

Prior to Civilla, Brandi also worked as Assistant Director of Admissions at her alma mater, College for Creative Studies, where she recruited and supported the next generation of creative changemakers. She graduated with a BFA in advertising design with a minor in graphic design.

To find Brandi outside of work, you might have to look up. She’s a hobby aerialist who loves swinging on the trapeze, lyra, and silks. What might surprise you more about that though, is that Brandi is legally blind. She says losing her sight (due to a rare eye disease) has given her a stronger perspective on what matters in life and a more powerful vision of the life she wants to build.