Victoria Suwardiman

Design + Technology Specialist


After watching her refugee parents navigate complicated government systems to get by – Victoria knew she wanted to do systems-changing work at a very young age. Today, she channels her experience growing up as inspiration as she works to make public benefits more intuitive for the people who need them.

As a designer, Victoria’s unique superpower is her love for user research and data – working closely with institutions to help them understand the people and stories behind the numbers and make more impactful decisions because of it. Her work focuses on health and human services, contributing to Civilla’s bold effort to enable same-day processing for benefits in Michigan.

Before joining Civilla, Victoria worked on software for nonprofits and associations at Abila, higher education courseware at Pearson, and state data systems at a digital government consultancy called Skylight. She holds a MS in human-computer interaction from Depaul University and a BS in computer science from Villanova University.

Institutional programs and systems aren’t the only things she’s good at redesigning. Victoria spent the last year renovating her childhood home.