Stakeholder Engagement + Storytelling

Learn how to build resilient relationships with your project’s stakeholders using the power of storytelling.

This course explores how to build strong relationships with your institution’s leaders, staff, and community. With a focus on the power of storytelling, we’ll cover how to map and engage your project’s stakeholders. You'll learn how to cultivate their trust, buy-in, and collaboration—all while centering the voices of people closest to the challenges you’re aiming to solve.

course outcomes

  • Understand who should be involved in your project and how to engage them.

  • Build support and buy-in from leaders.

  • Assemble a team of colleagues who will join you in the day-to-day work of the project.

  • Use experiential storytelling to build support, trust, and confidence across your stakeholder ecosystem.

Online self-paced
Start Date
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3-5 hours

What you'll learn

  1. Welcome to Stakeholder Engagement & Storytelling+

    • Course overview
    • Preparing to learn
    • Getting started checklist
    • Defining stakeholder engagement
    • Nested rings of stakeholder engagement
    • HCD principles
  2. Moving Hearts and Minds+

    • Why we need stories
    • What makes a good story
    • Know your audience
    • Switch up your format
    • Consent and privacy
  3. Getting Leaders Bought In+

    • Building your leadership team
    • Shifting mindsets with immersive experiences
    • Power and ethics
    • Tips for working with leaders
    • Resource: Stakeholder Map
    • Activity: Map Your Leadership team
  4. Creating a Working Team+

    • Engaging the right people at the right time (part one)
    • Finding your rhythm and rituals
    • Activity: Map Your Working team
  5. Building Broad Support+

    • Getting people “in on it and up on it”
    • Engaging the right people at the right time (part two)
    • Telling the story of why, who, how, and what next
    • Activity: Map Your Supporters
  6. Navigating Challenges+

    • Tips for establishing and maintaining trust
    • Managing skepticism
    • Templates and tools

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