Qualitative User Research

Learn how to conduct user interviews and on-site observations to guide your design process.

In this course, you'll equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to take on research for human-centered design projects. In addition to practical tools and methods, we’ll explore thorny issues related to ethics and data privacy, helping you to build a robust research practice informed by respect and reciprocity.

course outcomes

  • Create a research scope for a human-centered design project.

  • Plan and carry out ethical in-depth user interviews and observations.

  • Navigate complexity related to equity, privacy, transparency, and user data in the research process.

  • Translate findings into user insights that can guide an HCD process.

  • Tell the story of your research.

Online self-paced
Start Date
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6-8 hours

What you'll learn

  1. What to expect+

    • Course overview

    • Preparing to learn

    • Getting started checklist

  2. Intro to user research+

    • Why we research

    • Guiding principles

    • User research in HCD

    • A brief overview of methods

    • Ethics in user research

  3. Finding your focus+

    • Framing and scoping your research
  4. Interviewing+

    • Structuring an interview

    • Interview guides

    • Writing and asking questions

    • Team roles

    • Notetaking

    • Ethics spotlight

  5. Observation+

    • Where and how to pay attention

    • Ethics spotlight

    • Demonstration video

  6. Downloading data+

    • Preparing to download

    • Download activities

    • Demonstration video

  7. Synthesis+

    • Why data alone isn’t enough

    • Thematic grouping

    • Journey mapping

    • Crafting insight statements

    • Ethics spotlight

  8. Telling the story+

    • Why we need stories

    • What makes a compelling story

    • Framework for research storytelling

    • Choosing a format

  9. Building a research plan+

    • Research plan framework

    • Research plan examples

  10. Recruiting Participants+

    • Getting specific

    • Recruiting outreach methods

    • Recruiting with community partners

    • Ethics spotlight

  11. Managing user data+

    • Protecting PII

    • Getting informed consent

    • Keeping only the data you need

    • Restricting access to sensitive data

  12. Wrapping up+

    • Research prep checklist

    • Compile your research kit

    • Templates and tools

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