Our Principles

A foundation for the future

At Civilla, we understand that if you don't get the cultural underpinnings of an organization right, you will end up with problems for years to come. As a result, our team has spent the last five years re-visiting our principles, reading them aloud to each other, reflecting on where we see them in action, and making modifications. This iterative process has resulted in twelve principles that underpin Civilla’s culture. They strengthen our team’s decision making, influence our behavior, and reflect the agreements we’ve made to each other. One-hundred years from now, we believe they’ll continue to evolve and guide the way.

our principles

  • health+

    This is a marathon. we honor the daily practice of mental, spiritual, and physical health as our top priority.

  • relationships+

    At Civilla, deep relationships are our greatest asset. We are each responsible for seeding new relationships, investing in them, and preserving the trust we hold.

  • quality of work+

    We do work that we're proud to put our name on and take responsibility for all that we create.

  • decisions+

    Civilla entrusts those closest to the issue to make the final call.

  • growth+

    We are each the captain of our own "growth ship". Civilla creates the conditions for us to arrive as our full selves.

  • belonging+

    We celebrate our unique experiences, beliefs, and identities. Civilla is committed to the long-haul work of designing diverse, equitable and inclusive systems and culture – modeling that first on our team.

  • operations+

    Our tools and actions minimize the "doing of the doing". We each do our part to ensure the organization runs smoothly.

  • Space+

    Like a bird's nest, the Civilla space enables us to self-assemble while remaining light, functional, and magical.

  • reciprocity+

    Civilla's mojo comes from the team's commitment to our mission and the organization's deep investment in us all.

  • team+

    Civilla is a tight knit, high functioning team.

  • Perspective+

    We take our work seriously, but refrain from taking ourselves too seriously. Here it is hard to distinguish between work and place.

  • finances+

    We all understand the health of the business and the impact our decisions on the whole.