Kayla Guillory



Born and raised in Park City, Utah, Kayla Guillory is a Researcher/Designer at Civilla who brings her passion for public service design to the Connecticut team.

Kayla comes from Stanford’s where she studied product design and afterwards worked as a UX researcher and designer in the healthcare industry. Carrying her value of exploration wherever she goes, she decided to pivot into community-focused design which led her to pursue a dual master’s degree in Integrative Design and Public Policy at the University of Michigan (the very first student to achieve this!). In addition, Kayla was a Bohnett Fellow who served in the Detroit Mayor’s office where she grew her experience for policy and design in the public sector.

As a true creative at heart, Kayla has some serious art credibility inside and outside of the Civilla studio. Her original cartoon was featured in the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer and she will always win a cardboard halloween costume contest.