Rachael Carson

Design Lead


Rachael’s a design lead, working to bring human-centered design to public institutions and the people they serve. She specializes in large-scale technology projects, like the redesign of Michigan's benefits portal which provides access to more than one million people each year. Her work also spans adjacent systems, including the department of state, unemployment insurance, and child welfare.

She’s a thoughtful listener, who’s quick to pick up on important findings in research and help bring them into focus. She’s known around the office for her contagious laughter and love for learning.

Before joining Civilla, Rachael spent six years in Vietnam, where she helped to build a social enterprise focused on ethical design and manufacturing. She studied at Union College and was selected as a Minerva Fellow in 2010, a post-graduate program in social entrepreneurship. Today, living in Detroit, Rachael shops at Eastern Market and H-Mart any chance she can get.