Rachel Rosenbaum

Senior Designer


You name it, Rachel can solve it. As a senior designer, Rachel’s known for her ability to uncover solutions where others might only see problems.

She specializes in large-scale technology projects, and was a key researcher on the redesign of Michigan’s benefits portal which provides access to more than one million people each year. Since then, she’s also done extensive work strengthening adjacent systems, including projects with the department of state, unemployment insurance agency, and child welfare. Rachel’s also our resident expert in content design, helping the whole team see how words can impact the user experience just as much as visuals.

Her passion for bettering communities has had a lasting impact throughout her career. Before joining Civilla, she developed human-centered design training programs for teams at General Motors and led a company-wide culture movement championing creativity. In 2016, Rachel co-founded the OpenIDEO chapter in Detroit, laying a strong foundation for the design community to grow across the city.

Rachel’s a Cornell University graduate, former Challenge Detroit Fellow, and avid cyclist – clocking in more than 4,000 miles on her last cross-country ride.