Sabina Fall

Project Operations Specialist


Sabina is driven by making systems a little easier and creating new avenues for joy in day-to-day work. She works alongside Civilla’s multidisciplinary teams as a Project Operations Specialist, where she provides daily project management and logistics support.

Before Civilla, Sabina spent her time at the University of Michigan and the International Institute Nam Center for Korean Studies, where she planned events and organized projects for her team. Growing up, she was involved in non-profit spaces, working at places like Planned Parenthood and holding a position on the school board for the Ann Arbor Public School Health Education Advisory Committee.

Sabina studied at Kalamazoo College, where she pursued studies in Anthropology and Sociology while exploring Studio Art.

Growing up with a passion for the outdoors, Sabina used to be a birding connoisseur and can still point you to an interesting species from time to time.