Scott Everett

Design Specialist

Scott’s a Detroit-born illustrator and designer who’s self-proclaimed to be “a little bit interested in most things” – which is precisely how he got to Civilla. His curious approach to work and life have led him to develop a range of design capabilities that support everyone on the team.

As a design specialist, Scott’s work spans institutional settings, including Civilla’s projects in health and human services, the department of state, unemployment insurance, and child welfare. He participates in research, leads design for digital prototypes, and creates solutions that millions of people use every day. He specializes in graphic and product design, prototyping, and illustration.

He studied at the College for Creative Studies, where he earned a BFA in illustration and digital art. Something that most people don’t know about Scott: he’s not a fan of balloons or styrofoam. (Something that works out great for the environment, not so great at birthday parties.)