Tiffany Bamdad



As a first-generation American, Tiffany has a deep appreciation for how people’s unique histories and cultures show up in the way they think, feel, and move through the world. She is fascinated by how life experiences shape our perceptions and behaviors and believes that good design is born out of an understanding of these root causes.

She takes this with her into her role at Civilla. As a designer, Tiffany’s work focuses on understanding people’s needs through research, and using her findings to improve complex systems. She’s an expert analyst when it comes to identifying themes across diverse perspectives, and highlighting potential challenges and gaps. She’s been a key contributor to the team’s health and human services work in Missouri, conducting research and design for the state's benefits application, renewals, and correspondence processes.

Prior to Civilla, Tiffany worked as a qualitative analyst, conducting research to improve programs and policies that impact children and families. She joined Civilla to weave together what’s learned in research and what ultimately gets designed and put out into the world.

Tiffany graduated from the University of Maryland with a dual BS in physiology/neurobiology and psychology. She’s a secret theater kid at heart – she performed in operettas, plays, and musicals throughout high school.