Vidisha Agarwalla

Senior Designer


As a senior designer on Civilla’s child welfare team, Vidisha Agarwalla works to deliver better outcomes for staff, children, and families through improvements to Michigan’s child welfare technology.

With years of experience designing for communities in need, Vidisha says what inspires her most is knowing that design can bring equal access and an equal voice to all. She’s passionate about using her work to question power constructs and solve deep community challenges.

Prior to Civilla, Vidisha worked at the Center for Social Design at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). She also worked as a product designer at Bempu Health (an organization funded by the Gates Foundation and USAID) where her team designed critical health resources for children in underserved communities. She also served as a service design fellow for the Mayor’s Office of Performance and Innovation in Baltimore.

She earned an MA in Social Design from MICA and a bachelor’s degree in product design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India.

Around the office, Vidisha’s known for her sense of humor and delicious Indian meals she often shares with the team. Outside of work, she’s busy busting moves—Vidisha’s a professional dancer experienced in 9 different dance forms.